Sankey- and ball lock kegs for the growing craft beer, home brewing, and beverage markets.

AMCYL Kegs Key Design Advantages

  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel construction

  • NSF-approved with ongoing compliance monitoring

  • 10,000+ units in use and growing daily

  • Commercial (Sankey-style) kegs
    • Ideal for craft brewing
    • Available in 1/6 barrel (5.2 gallons/20L), 1/4 barrel (8 gallons/30L), and 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallon/59L) sizes
    • Sankey ā€œDā€ connection with industry-standard Micromatic D Spear valve
    • Compliant with Brewer's Association "Performance Guidelines for Refillable Kegs"
    • MAWP 60 PSIG; minimum design pressure greater than 300 PSIG
    • Strong weld penetration plus stainless steel filler at top and bottom for maximum strength and support
    • Drop tested to international standards
  • Ball lock kegs / pre-mix soda tanks
    • Ideal for homebrew, soda, Kombucha tea, and coffee on tap
    • Available in 2.5, 3, and 5 gallon sizes
    • Single- and dual-handle configurations
    • 130 PSI design pressure; tested to greater than 520 PSI burst pressure
    • Rubber boot bottoms
    • Built-in pressure relief
    • All Cornelius-compatible parts
Custom engraving, adhesive labeling, stenciling,
and silk screening are available on all AMCYL kegs
"Great Value here! We have purchased kegs from old Pepsi style, to SS kegs, as well as AEB kegs. This is a great buy on a well-made keg with NSF certification. Compared to the AEB kegs I don't see much difference.ā€

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